Dr George van Diggelen (President & Director)

Born in 1963

Married to Jacqueline

They have five kids together and a lot of foster children

Live in Kriel and Roossenekal

George served different boards, ministries and churches

George studied Theology via Irene Full Gospel Church, Trinity University and Therapon University

Studied Abused Children Counselling via University of Pretoria and Traumatised Children’s counselling via North West (Potch) University

He is current helping the following Ministries and or Boards – All without compensation 

Director of WITM and VACS Training.

Manager at the farm Roosenekal for Word in Truth Ministry.

Preach at Roossenekal Church and Victory Life Church in Kriel.

He still train the following:

ETDP SETA, HW SETA skills training for AOTSA

Bible school for ETS accredited by QCTO

Safety Officer at PTA College Secunda, accredited by QCTO

In the past he used to serve and train:

As a visiting professor for Therapon University Virgin Islands

Doctorate degree in: Theology and Education

He is a Trained CISA Counsellor

Was a SACAI Director – board for home schooling

Current he still Facilitated Maths Literacy and Agricultural Science for grade 10 to 12.

He is at the moment the Assessor/Developer for AUXILLIO Agricultural Science grade 10 to 12 and Maths Literacy Moderator for grade 10 to 12

He love farming and teach people to farm. (Skills course for farming)

His heart is to help Pastors, restoring them and uplifting them by relationship and mentoring.

Pastor George van Diggelen only vision is to serve God where and when He call no matter in what position God need him.

VERBLUM IN VERITATE – Word in Truth is a Vision and Ministry dream come true for Pastor George v Diggelen.

Pastor Johan Coetsee (Chairperson)

Born in 1959

Johan matriculated at High School Overkruin in 1976. During 1977 to 1979 he did his National Service and is currently involved with The South African Defence Force Association for military veterans. He served as chairperson until October 2020 at the Tokkeltou Unit in the Pretoria Moot area. Since November 2020 Johan serves as the Unit’s Chaplain.

On 1 September 1979 Johan got married to Delene whom he met in 1975 while they were both at school. Delene is also a pastor with Word in Truth Ministries. They have two sons, Jacques married to Alani and Ruan, married to Quidine. Johan and Delene also have a 2 year old granddaughter Hailey, daughter of Jacques and Alani.

Johan obtained his Diploma in Ministry through Christian Life Training at the Charis Church Bible School. He also served as Principal of the Victory of Harvest Bible School for a number of years through Team Work Bible College International under Pastor Pieter Nel at Victory of Harvest Church.

Johan and Delene did a number of counseling courses at Continued Education at University of Pretoria, later becoming Enterprises at UP. They also did the two year course, Advanced Programme in Pastoral Narrative Therapy at Coram Deo, accredited by the University of Pretoria.

Johan & Delene are both registered with the Council for Pastoral and Spiritual Counselors (CPSC). They also have their counseling practice Jodel Pastoral Narrative Counselors and can be contacted at 076 609 0870.

Johan is also a facilitator with Prepare and Enrich, an online assessment program. Prepare and Enrich provides an objective report and framework for feedback that can be molded to fit any specific counseling discipline. 

Pastor Jacqueline van Diggelen (Director)

Born in 1971

Married to George

They have five kids together.

Live in Kriel.

Pastor, Marriage Office, Educator, Assessor, Moderator. Director of WITM.

Administrator for WITM and VACS Trg.

Tutor at VACS Trg for Home Schoolers

Did SETA courses.

Registered Councilor at CISA

Her heart is to help Pastors restore their soul and ministry. Help children to be educated and bring back their self-image

Pastor Lizelle Follwell (Director)

Born in 1988

Married to Terrance

They have one daughter

Live in Kriel.

Educator, Director of WITM.

Diploma in Ministry

Tutor at VACS Trg for Home Schoolers

Did SETA courses.

Help children to be educated.